'Music for the soul' filled the community with joy


music for the soulThe music group accompanied by the Guayaquil Symphonic Orchestra struck up soft melodies, with violins and cellos at the Dr. Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital and the Corazon de Jesus home where they furthermore interacted with users from both these institutions run by la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil.


Melodies such as “La Cucaracha” caused the little ones to hum whereas the “Manabi” pasillo and the “Joyful Hymn” shook the attending audience.
Finally “Music for the Soul” cheered up the afternoon for elderly residents at the Corazon de Jesus Home while taking the opportunity to visit the wards where elderly people with mobility problems live.

“We want to reach everyone with our music. We want to cheer up the soul and the senses of all who listen to us”, commented Jorge Bergero, Argentinian musical Group Director visiting Ecuador for the first time.

“What a lovely initiative. I love classical music and I think it is an adequate resource to cheer up the children as well, even though they are sick. This concert has been wonderful”, said Pamela Quiñonez, who traveled from Esmeraldas for her son´s appointment at the Dr. Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital.