“I found a home, food, protection and an education thanks to the scholarship I received”


tolayaThalia Olaya is sixteen. She comes from a low-income family unable to pay for her studies at a quality institution. Now she will have a better future because, thanks to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia, she was accepted at the Calderon Ayluardo home and obtained a complete scholarship at the Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Unit.

"I came in here when I was nine years-old and have spent, part of my childhood and entire adolescence, here. I have alot of memories, my early pranks. I learned everything here", commented Thalia.

The Calderon Ayluardo Home shelters over 123 young girls of scarce means each year, providing acommodations, security, education, food, healthcare, spiritual guidance and the necessary motivation to stand out, in the face of adversity.

Thanks to the trust and support obtained from the Calderon Ayluardo home, Thalia has managed to stand out academically at the Santa Luisa de Marillac Educational Unit, and became the school flag-bearer. "There are people who are like pillars who allow us to realize that there are things we must fight for", the young lady points out.

Thalia is grateful for the opportunity and, by her efforts, shows it every day. I ask you to collaborate with the Junta de Beneficencia because every little bit you do for us means alot, it's almost our entire life.

I doesn't matter what it is, just what you can from the heart", she concludes.