“I have recovered my health and now I work selling lottery”


Renzo ArguelloRenzo Arguello was born in the Ventanas Canton. He is an enthusiastic, optimistic dreamer who some years back, after garduating as a zootechnician at the Universidad Catalina, suffered a terrible accident which would forever leave a mark on his life.

As he was leaving the farm where he was doing a Masters Degree he was shot three times. ¨I was physically and psychologically traumatized. My life was torn apart, I have trouble walking, I lost 25% of my sense of hearing and cant see out of my right eye. At that time, thank God, I received the help of the Junta de Beneficencia by way of the Luis Vernaza Hospital. I clearly remember Dr. Sergio del Cioppo who looked after me during the time I was interned and who dedicated all of his time trying to heal me.¨

Shortly after the accident his wife traveled abroad seeking to improve economic conditions but she never returned. She left him and took her daughter Pamela leaving him with their two sons: Maximo, who lives on his own and Carlitos who is eleven.

¨I looked for whatever work was available because the situation was critical. Carlitos would help me sell Candy.... A year ago I came to Guayaquil, fillied with hope and begging God to open doors..., Until this happened thanks to a T.V. Program Newscast (Street # 7 from TC) the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia became familiar with my case and I was inmedatelly given a helping hand¨.

At the momento Renzo is receiving free medical attention at the Luis Vernaza Hospital in the Endocrinology, Otorhino, and Ophtalmology areas.

¨I want to thank the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia wholeheartedly for giving me so much in the way of help from excellent physicians and unselfish persons. I ask everyone to buy the lottery so that this type of support will continue to be extended to people like myself who need it so much. I can´t say it enough. I´m extremely grateful to the Junta¨.