“The treatment I am receiving to treat my illness is totally free”


Miriam Ramirez

Miriam Ramirez, a native of the Libertad Canton in the Santa Elena province suffered a strange illness called purple microangiopathy thrombosis trombocitopenia that could only be diagnosed at the Luis Vernaza Hospital where she remains under treatment, receiving attention and free medicine.

Miriam's life changed from one moment to another. Strange symptoms such as skin blemishes, a loss of red blood cells and kidney lesions among others prompted her husband Gustavo, to look for help immediately in several hospitals and clinics within the Santa Elena province but unfortunately no one could offer a diagnosis.

Unable to explain her symptoms, Gustavo decided to move Miriam to Guayaquil. Desperate and anguished he went straight to the Luis Vernaza Hospital, on friends' recommendations.

Miriam was swiftly attended to, free of charge. After 15 days of exams and tests, crucial in detecting what was affecting her health, she was diagnosed with a rare disease called purple microangiopathy thrombosis trombocitopenia. "It seemed incredible that they were able to detect the illness. I am very grateful to the doctors and the nurses at the hospital for their help. These unselfish, humane and professional individuals were ever-mindful of my wife," says Gustavo, Miriam's husband.

For Gustavo, "services received were excellent. The help I got was magnificent. Social services helped with expenses, giving me guidance and information. I felt in the hands of people who knew me and I thank God and the Junta for making the impossible a reality. The experience was both difficult and satisfactory since I felt the Junta's support at all times."

At the moment Miriam continues treatment at the Luis Vernaza Hospital free of charge. "I'm better, feeling stronger to carry on and also grateful to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia for the help given to me. Without them I wouldn't have gotten well," concluded Miriam.