“They saved my legs thanks to the immediate medical attention I received”


Carmen NarvaezFifty four year-old Carmen Narvaez struggled with disease that kept her secluded in bed, until, thanks to the Junta's intervention, she was looked after at the Luis Vernaza Hospital and now continues her treatment free of charge.

Life has been hard for Carmen. She spent her days bearing the pain caused by tumors in her arms and legs, incapable of walking when her right leg came apart due to the size of the tumors.

"I was desperate with no idea what to do. Thanks God I have wonderful children. One of them, desperate at watching me suffer, approached the RTS TV channel to present my case. They put me in contact with the Luis Vernaza Hospital where I was immediately examined. However it seemed late, the illness had progressed," recalls Carmen.

Carmen's diagnosis was not favorable. The doctors pointed out that amputating her legs could save her life. "It was terrible, I felt like a time-bomb about to explode. I said, my God why do I want to live with my legs out off," she commented.

The hospital surgeons promised they would do everything possible to save her legs from amputation.

Somewhat recovered Carmen points out that" by the mercy of God, my legs were not amputated, they saved me, I am well, the doctors gave me wonderful treatment, very professional, first-rate attention".

Carmen continues her treatment at the Luis Vernaza Hospital, free of charge and even though there is still a second operation ahead she feels her life has changed.

"I am grateful, first of all to God and to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia who have been a successful and given me phychological and economic support. For me it was too big and sad a battle but now I feel happy, content ... They are the helping hand we need. I tell everyone to help and come over to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia which is a good, serious minded and humanitarian institution," she concluded.