“My family and I received the free medical attention we needed”


sarriagaSixty-year-old Sabrina Arriaga, a native from Babahoyo, is in charge of her grandsons. Unfortunately her economic situation did not allow her the possibility of giving them the medical attention they required. Thanks to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia´s opportune reaction the children are being attended to, free of charge, at the Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital. Besides, she and her daughter Aracely are also receiving, treatment, free of charge, for their illnesses at the Luis Vernaza Hospital.

Sabrina looks over the general welfare of her 21 grandsons whom she considers as her sons. All of them have savored the sour side of life at an early age, since eleven of them are orphans; "one of my sons died in a car accident, a daughter was killed by her husband, another one died from an incurable disease, and yet another committed suicide," she sadly comments.

Sabrina felt desperate on seeing her home "falling apart in pieces" "I didn´t know what to do. Some of my grandsons needed medical attention and without financial recourse this was impossible to attend to," she says.

The media, RTS and Ecuavisa related Sabrina´s story. Through them the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia became aware of the case and immediately dispatched a multifaceted team to the home of this humble family to extend a helping hand. ""They have given me unconditional help, taken charge of my health and that of my grandsons and daughters. Its wonderful", as highlighted by Sabrina.

Aracely, who is 21 and Sabrina´s daughter remembers that " when we arrived in Guayaquil the children were immediately taken to the Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital to undergo thorough examination. My son was detected with pneumonia and hospitalized for 5 days of therapyes and exams. Some have anemia, a cough and a cold and are also being looked after. Doctors and nurses have all behaved wonderfully, worrying about us at every moment. They take very good care of us."

This young lady claims the "Luis Vernaza and Roberto Gilbert Hospitals have helped us in every way since we have no work and no money. However we didn´t even spend on travel tickets because the Junta covered everything including lunch when we stay late. They provide us with medicine, vitamins and redirect us to the most convenient specialty we might need, all of it free of charge. We are very grateful to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia for all the help received. The children are happy and feel healthy, many thanks".