“Thanks to the free-of-charge surgery I received I can today walk and play”


Lynnie HernándezLynnie Hernandez wants to be a veterinarian but she could be an artist, a literary figure or a great sportswoman.

She has a number of skills and a remarkable facility for speaking and writing, however her enthusiasm, positive attitude and sheer joy are, without a doubt, her greatest virtues.

Lyli, as she is affectionately referred to by her parents, is 11 years old and has a happy life. In June of 2014 she underwent surgery at the Junta de Beneficencia Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital, diagnosed with genu varo or curved bones caused by an acondroplastic syndrome (a genetic disorder which affects bony growth and is the cause for the most common type of dwarfism)

Such alteration in her legs prevented Lyli from walking normally from early on. "The greatest gift a girl my age can receive is to be able to walk without pain", said the young girl.

"I had to register Lyli in a school near to our home, help her move the backpack and climb the stairs with my daughter in arms to reach the salon. I would repeat this procedure on a daily basis incoming and outgoing from school", said Maria Elena Noboa, the girl´s mother.

After 8 years of being constantly indisposed with two clinical treatments, seven months have gone by since the successful surgery and recovery. Today Lyli can play and walk totally unhampered. The pain has disappeared to a significant degree, her knees no longer suffer and though she still must rely on a wheelchair for the long haul, she doesn´t need orthopedic shoes or contraptions to limit the road to her dreams.

"In my drawings I depict my family as a source of inspiration and a constant example to forge ahead with my disability which is filled with abilities, as expressed by Lyli.