“I am very happy for the full academic scholarship I received”


carguelloEleven year old Carlitos helped his father Renzo Arguello to sell candy on the street. Thanks to the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia's opportune help, the boy obtained an academic scholarship at the Jose Domingo de Santistevan Educational unit and will now enjoy a better future.

Renzo Arguello's life is underlined by various events. A regrettable accident changed his life forever, leaving him psychologically and physically traumatized. Furthermore he was abandoned by his wife who traveled abroad to improve her financial situation, later, taking her daughter Pamela, and leaving him with their two sons: Maximo who lives independantly and Carlitos, who keeps his father company.

I searched for whatever work was available. It was a critical situation and Carlitos helped me by selling candy. I remember he would say, "Daddy I want to study in a nice school", and i would suffer knowing I was unable to comply. A year ago I came to Guayaquil filled with hope and asking God to open a door for me... until this finally happened thanks to a television report (street # 7 from Tc network) whereby the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia took notice of my case and immediately outstretched a helping hand", mentioned Renzo.

The Junta de Beneficencia awarded Carlitos a full scholarship to study at the José Domingo de Santistevan Educational unit and, in the words of his father", my son is getting an education at the Santistevan. He has been given uniforms, school supplies, school bus transportation, in short, everything. He is bright and I know they will teach him to help in a disinterested manner with love for his fellow man".

Thrilled, Carlitos tells us that "I like the school, it's big and I am delighted to have this valuable opportunity".

"I want to thank the Guayaquil Junta de Beneficencia who has given me so much... I ask all of you to buy the Lottery so that people in need, like myself, will continue being helped..." concluded Renzo.