“I am happy for my daughter´s birth in spite of my previous placenta”


Mercy SegoviaMercy Segovia Obaco is a 41 year-old lawyer. A month ago she gave birth to Luciana at the Enrique Sotomayor Gynaeco-Obstetric Hospital. She already had three sons, all male, the eldest is 24. "I Always wanted a girl, and though I wasn´t looking for her, I´m happy to have her", she recalls excitedly.

Due to her age Mercy underwent a trying pregnancy. "I quit working and rested completely for all 9 months because I was showing previous placenta, a problem which can bring about a hemorrhage or require delivery to speed up delivery" she commented.

Pregnancy implies several changes, as much physical as psychological for a woman. When you are over 40 fear increases due to uncertainty if things will work out, if the baby will be born healthy.

Mercy says that "being a mother again, at a stage when I entertained the idea of being a grandmother, is a challenge, a joy and a task, I know will last forever".