“Thanks for helping me recover my joyfulness and for my mother, her sense of peace”



All I am missing is to cry tears of blood, to ask God forgivness for the damage I caused my son, confesses a repentant mother while delicately stroking the scars that her 13 year-old son bears on his legs as a consequence of third degree burns he suffered at age 6. 

Veronica is a widow and tells about how in a moment of rage and desperation concerning Bryan and his three older brother´s misbehavior "I threatened to throw hot water on their feet, but never imagined I would lose control to the point that I would hurt one of my little ones". She expressed.

Bryan has kept these wounds underneath his pants from 2010 which forced him to remain for 9 months in the unit for the burnt at the Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital. Since that day he goes to the Hospital every so often for, healing purposes and to prepare himself for the last surgical interventions.

During Bryan´s Hospital stay, Veronica stayed at the "Rosa Eva Aguilar de Sanchez" Social Shelter run by the Hospital´s volunteer service and which is one of the benefits offered by the Dr. Roberto Gilbert Children´s Hospital for the families of patients hospitalized from other provinces.

"I am very grateful for all the support extended by the Hospital and specially for healing my son. Without you I wouldn´t have been able to absorb all of Bryan´s medical requirements. I´ve received helped with surgeries and healing procedures", said Veronica.