“Thanks to the Junta Beneficencia I got my eyesight back"



Gudelia Espinoza is 42 years old and is a poor single mother of four children who lives in the Oña Canton of The Azuay Province where she is involved with agriculture and knitting to sustain her family. 

I remember that in the middle of August she came by to clean out garbage remains which had been incinerated and as she bent down she felt something had fallen in her left eye. , eliciting very sharp pain. "I thought brushwood had descended on me and so I wiped myself off but the paint and burning sensation would not go away. Then I went home, put sabila and carrot juice on because my eyesight was blurry however I got no relief. All to the contrary, days went by and my pain and lack of vision increased", commented Gudelia.

Her neighbor took her to the ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with retina detachment. "I felt the world coming down on me and that I would be left blind. A lady saw me crying, consoled me and told me they cure that at the Hospital Luis Vernaza. They operated on me there and I am fine", she expressed.

On August 28th, Gudelia arrived at the Hospital Luis Vernaza where she was received by the social worker who channels consultations and on Friday October second she was successfully intervened by Dr. David Cevallos, Hospital retinologist.

After examining her case and financial situation, attention expenses, treatment, exams and medicine the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil absorbed all costs involved.

Gudelia came out a winner from the operation and therefore those sad, dark days she underwent filled with joy. She now longs to return home to continue taking care of her children, till the soil and keep working to forge ahead with her family.

"My stay here has been difficult because I´m far from my children, but now my sister is keeping me company at the Rosa Eva Aguilar Shelter where I have been staying since I arrived. She takes care of me and goes with me to consultations, until the doctor says I can travel. My eyesight is improving gradually and I am feeling more at ease because I have faith in recuperating my eyesight, according to the doctor´s indications", concluded Gudelia.