"Thanks to the Junta de Beneficencia, I never felt alone again"


FaustoFausto Espinoza is a blind, 74 year-old from Guayaquil with diabetes who, due to his health and disastrous economic situation, was abandoned at the Corazon de Jesus Home.
Fausto's Health problems began 17 years ago when he lost his sight completely whereby his family decided to intern him at an old folks home.

Given Faust's vulnerability a doctor friend suggested taking him to La Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil's Corazon de Jesus Home where arrangements for internment quickly began given the person's scarce financial means.

Fausto's life changed for the better the day he entered the Corazon de Jesus home, a place where he found the human warmth he needed besides the nourishment, dress, care and free-of-charge medication to treat his diabetes, hypertension and visual disability.

At the moment Fausto is involved with theater and is part of the “Viejo los caminos” cast from several stages including one on the “Ecuador has talent” television show's fourth season where he charmed the audience and made it to the finals.

Fausto's life has definetly acquired sense and today he enjoys feeling included in society. This makes him very happy!.